Northern Leopard Frog Lithobates pipiens

Courtesy of Christopher E. Smith.
Description: 2 - 3½ inches. Northern Leopard Frogs may be green, tan, or brown in color, with large dark spots. The belly is white and there is a ridge that starts behind each eye, and runs down the length of the body (dorsolateral folds). There is a light colored line on the upper lip. The "Burnsi" color phase occurs in some areas, and has reduced spotting. The "Kandiyohi" color phase occurs in western Minnesota and has additional spotting.

Similar Species: Pickerel Frogs have larger squared blotches that typically occur as pairs on their back.

Comments: One of Minnesota's most common frogs along ponds and lakes.

Distribution Map
Distribution of the Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)

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Phenology of Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)

Chorus of boreal chorus frogs with occasional northern leopard frog calls. Courtesy of Christopher E. Smith.

Chorus of spring peepers with occasional northern leopard frogs and boreal chorus frogs calling. Courtesy of Christopher E. Smith.